How The Baby Shusher Sound Machine Works

Calm your restless baby with a proven soothing method.
Shushing is one of five techniques used to soothe babies for centuries.
It may seem counter-intuitive, but silence is not ideal for baby sleep. While inside the womb, babies are enveloped with sounds from their mother's body. As a result,
most babies, especially newborns, respond positively to a consistent soothing sound.

The Best Sound Machine for Baby: Why the Baby Shusher is a Parent's Favourite

No assembly required! Baby Shusher comes pre-loaded with 2 AA batteries on arrival.

The simple volume dial allows you to adjust the sound of the machine depending on the baby's preference.

Baby Shusher has turned into every parent's favourite baby sound machine as it can be taken anywhere the baby goes! It’s battery operated, so there are no wires or cords to tie you down. With a small and sleek design, Baby Shusher fits perfectly into any bag or even jacket pocket!

The Sandman vs Baby Shusher

The Science Behind Sound Machines for Babies: How the Baby Shusher Helps Soothe Your Little One

Transform your little one's tears into sweet dreams with Baby Shusher, the baby sound machine that uses a real-life human voice to facilitate restful slumber for babies.

Baby Shusher is the perfect solution for calming a newborn baby's tears with its rhythmic "Shhh" sound. This soothing noise greatly resembles life in utero, where babies are constantly surrounded by various sounds throughout their day. Baby Shusher has been proven to be significantly more effective than using white noise alone!

Set the sound to either 15 or 30 minutes according to your baby's needs. It's as easy as turning the top section of the baby sound machine to select a time frame.

As portable and wireless as they come, the Baby Shusher can accompany you anywhere your baby goes. Plus, with its convenient wrist strap, it makes carrying or tethering to a carseat even easier, making Baby Shusher the best sound machine for your baby!

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