Why Oprah & Katy Perry Trust the Baby Shusher

Why Oprah & Katy Perry Trust the Baby Shusher

We often view celebrities as stars larger than life, beacons of inspiration that are always reaching for the sky. But when it comes to baby products, Oprah and Katy Perry have shown that they know the true secret to baby care—trust the Baby Shusher!

It's an indispensable tool that is quickly gaining traction in the baby marketplace. But why do Oprah and Katy Perry approve of the Baby Shusher? Let's dive into the science behind this baby necessity to find out!

The Science Behind The Baby Shusher

The sound babies hear every day in the womb is similar to that created by the Baby Shusher baby soother. With its white noise setting, this innovative baby product mimics a soothing human voice, which can be incredibly calming for babies—especially when parents are trying to put them to sleep. In fact, it is known that the baby shusher's rhythmic “shush” can actually help the baby feel more secure and relaxed, which in turn makes it easier for the baby to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer. The Baby Shusher is overall more effective than your standard white noise machine.

Our customers have also found that the baby shusher can be used to help calm and soothe babies who are teething, fussy, or just won't sleep. The baby shusher’s consistent white noise helps to block out other disruptive noises like barking dogs, loud neighbors, and more, which can make it easier for the baby to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Oprah and Katy Perry's Personal Experience

And don't just take our (or our many customers') word for it—even Oprah and Katy Perry approved the Baby Shusher. During one of their joy ride episodes, Oprah and Gayle went shopping for baby supplies for Gayle's future grandson. Katy Perry, now a new mom, also accompanied them and the trio as they stopped by the local Santa Barbara boutique Chicken Little. In the store, Katy saw the Baby Shusher and exclaimed, "The Baby Shusher!"


"This is the Holy Grail for the needs of your baby!"


Then Katy Perry showcased how to use the Baby Shusher, filling the store with a soothing shushing sound. She also explained that the Baby Shusher can be placed anywhere in the nursery and it produces a sound that "massages the baby's mind".

At the end of the experience, Gail, Oprah, and Katy Perry approved the Baby Shusher, by also becoming two of the Baby Shusher's most vocal supporters and customers

How to Use The Baby Shusher

Using the Baby Shusher is simple and easy!

As Katy demonstrated, you can simply rotate the top to select how long you want the Baby Shusher to play, and let the Baby Shusher do the rest. The Baby Shusher has two timer options - 15 or 30 minutes. After you adjust the timer, you can adjust the volume by rotating the bottom piece. If you want to stop using the Baby Shusher, just rotate the top cap to the off position.

For parents on the move, the Baby Shusher comes with a strap so you can attach it to the baby’s stroller or baby carrier. Simply, loop the strap through the Baby Shusher and now you can easily lull your baby to sleep wherever you go.

Changing the batteries of the Baby Shusher is also easy, as the Baby Shusher requires two batteries to run. Simply remove the top of the Baby Shusher with a Phillips screwdriver, take off the battery clip, and insert the new batteries. Just make sure not to mix old and new batteries.

To learn more on how to make the most of your Baby Shusher, check out our user guide.

See Why Thousands Of Busy Parents Swear By The Baby Shusher

The science and expertise behind baby soothing are no secret, and that’s why the Baby Shusher has become a baby necessity for thousands of busy parents. Its calming sound can help to improve a baby's sleep and make baby sleep time easier for parents. It’s no wonder why Oprah and Katy Perry approved the Baby Shusher—it works wonders! Also, with all its amazing features, the Baby Shusher is beloved by thousands of bustling moms and dads and has been voted as the top baby product for Baby Maternity Magazine.

So, if you’re looking for an innovative baby product that not only helps your baby to sleep but also gives you peace of mind, The Baby Shusher is the baby product for you!

Try it today and see why thousands of busy parents swear by the Baby Shusher!

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